Difficulty Rating

Level 3


Mansfield, Missouri


Apr 09-15, 2019; Jul 09-15, 2019; Dec 3-7, 2019


7 Days / 6 Nights

Scout Survival is our most difficult standard survival course, and in this course we are going to challenge you to test your survival skills like never before! The Scout Survival course is a trial by fire and is designed to test you and see where you skills are under tough conditions. Not only do you have to survive off the land for 7 days, but you have to complete a whole list of survival challenges. The challenges are designed to motivate you through the course so that you can gain gear, by completing these tasks. You will begin with only a knife, but by the end of the course you will have a small scout kit. Completing the tasks quickly will enable you to survive better throughout the rest of the course.

Scout survival is tough course, and you should at least have some basic survival skills if you have not taken our standard courses first. You should have a good understanding of primitive skills and have practiced these skills extensively. Not everyone will make it, this course has a high attrition rate. But that makes the victory for those that succeed all that much greater. Students in the course will be on their own, under the guidance of instructors, and we will teach you survival skills along the way that will enable to survive more comfortably as you progress.


Mother nature is the best survival teacher and she is going to test your abilities to survive with only minimal equipment in tough conditions. You won’t be alone, but you will be expected to survive as if you were alone.

“Scout survival was an intense and unique challenge! It’s one thing to read about how to use survival techniques but nothing can replace the experience of being immersed into the wilderness with only a knife to live off the land!”

Matt T

“Here is where you put to the test all that you have learned about survival, modern and primitive. It was well worth the learning experience to live off the land knowing there were instructors there to keep you safe. As an experienced woodsman, this is by far my favorite course! This makes you truly understanding how to use whats available in your environment and  what it is you need to make it day after day in a real world survival scenario!”

Travis H.Instructor Level 1 Graduate

“Being a well rounded woodsman, this was my first real taste of what it means to LITERATELY live off the land with minimal tools. It feels good to know the food procurement skills you’ve learned in previous classes really will bring food to the camp in a real survival situation. Making it through one week with nothing but the cloths on your back, knife, and a few other tools in your hand was one of the toughest and most memorable accomplishments of my life.  After all, that’s really what this training is all about and scout survival help me put it all into perspective and try it in a real world environment.  Surviving and thriving in the elements by your skills and knowledge is something that has to be experienced and can’t be learned in a classroom!”

Brian M


*No food and no water, you will gather all you need from the land!

Inclement weather and tough conditions are almost always the norm. From day 1 you will arrive and we will travel to our survival destination. Upon arrival you will begin your survival priorities. Shelter, water, fire, food, tools, etc. After completing each survival objective, you can then expect to receive one survival item approximately 24 hours after completion of each challenge.

On Day 3, we begin movement based survival and every night you will have to break camp and start a new one. The constant movement will wear on you but it will force you to learn survival under stress inoculation. You will be tired, cold, and hungry; so you should prepare for that. This course separates the men from the boys! But it is easily within most people’s grasp, as long as you’re motivated and have a positive mental attitude. Survival is 90% mental!

The back half of the course, will just be straight up surviving with scout survival gear. Fishing, hunting, gathering, and surviving on the move! The more gear you have, the easier life gets and the quicker you can break camp and move to better areas. And the progression from primitive skills to modern tools will really teach you just how important these modern tools and skills are to the scout. If you think you have what it takes, then come join our elite scout graduates and receive your Scout Badge, then get signed up today!

Winter vs. Spring Courses: The winter courses will focus on the use of the bow or rifle and how to hunt. The spring course will focus on fishing and wild edibles procurement. Buy license according to what season you plan to attend.

Upon completion of the challenges you will receive a certificate of graduation and a SIGMA 3 Scout Patch! And we will welcome you to our group of SIGMA 3 Scouts! Come join the family today!

Items Needed: Small to medium backpack, poncho, tough outdoor clothing & goretex boots, folding saw, stainless steel bottle, portable cook pot, portable water filter, flashlight and headlamp, ferro rod, fishing kit/pack rod, cordage, MRE or Mountain house meal, bow or .22 rifle (only during winter courses), picture wire, optional GPS (comes in handy in remote spots so you don’t get lost from the group, highly recommended). The SIGMA 3 Scout Kit below has everything you need for this course.

Hunting/Fishing Licenses: fishing and hunting license 5 day (buy hunting license for winter classes, fishing license for spring/summer courses) You can purchase your license onsite at the local walmart the day before. ($20-$40)

Pre-requisites: Must have taken standard and advanced standard. Or equivalent primitive skills course at another school.

Recommended Gear

Poncho Folding Saw
Medium Backpack 100′ of Paracord
Bushcraft Knife Snare Wire
Stainless Steel Canteen SIGMA Fishing Kit
Sawyer Mini Water Filter 250 Lumen Flashlight

You don’t have to buy our SIGMA 3 gear to attend the course, but you need survival gear of equivalent quality.

Check Recommended items list for more details on recommend survival gear!

OVERNIGHT CAMPING:  You are always welcome to camp out the night before and the night after any course. Just let us know in advance!

Length: 7 Days/6 Nights

Instructors: Robert Allen, Justin Williams

ATTENTION: PLEASE GET HERE THE NIGHT BEFORE THE COURSE STARTS! You can stay at the camp or a hotel, your choice. But don’t be late on Day 1 because we leave out early!

For more info on travel directions, hotel, and much more, click the location links above!

This course can be booked for small groups

Airport and Bus Stops

If you are arriving by bus or plane, we can pick you up. Contact us to make arrangements. ($40 Transport Fee)

Overnight Camping

You are always welcome to camp out the night before and the night after any course. Just let us know in advance!

Minimum Survival Tools Required

*You don’t need much equipment for our courses, though good equipment does speed the learning process up greatly!

Food and Water Required

Water will be provided and food is your own choice. You can also purchase food locally once you get here. Walmart and several local eateries are within a close drive.


Change your mind on a class? Just use your credit for something else! Take advantage of sales now and use the funds for whatever later! Maybe the dates aren’t announced or you don’t know what you want? Pay on something now and use the credit later. Credit good for up to three years and transferable to your friends or family!


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