What type of physical condition do I need to be in to participate in one of your classes?

People of any fitness level are invited to attend our courses. We won’t push you beyond your limits, but if you intend to become certified then you will have to be able to complete all required tasks for graduation. SERE, scout survival, and the instructor program are very physically demanding courses though, all others are pretty laid back.

Are there toilet/shower facilities at the Sigma 3 camp?

Local shower facilities are available within a 5 minute drive of camp. We have a porta potty on site and we have water available at most facilities around the country.

Will I need to provide my own food and water for the duration of the course?

Yes, you will need to provide your own food and we will provide the water needed. We do recommend you bring a water filter for convenience though. Food may be brought with you or attained locally at different store available locally.

Should I bring a tent, sleeping bag, hammock, etc.?

Unless specified in the course outline, you may bring anything that will make your training experience with Sigma 3 more comfortable. Some may prefer to test themselves and rough it a bit which is also encouraged.

How hard is the training, really?

Most of our courses are very laid back and easy going. The training is as intense or as easy as you want it to be! The Knife Only, Scout Survival, Instructor courses, and SERE courses are very intense though, so be prepared!

What age must my child be in order to attend and will I need to attend with them?

We allow kids from the ages of 12 and up are allowed to attend with a parent/guardian.

What types of environments will your school prepare me for?

Our curriculum covers a wide range of ecosystems and will generally prepare you for almost any difficult climate worldwide. We also have international courses in varying types of environments.

Is there danger from wild animals/bugs at your camp?

We have water moccasins, copperheads, rattlesnakes, black widows, brown recluse spiders, and plenty of chiggers/ticks. The ticks are the biggest issue, so be prepared for bugs. The snakes and spider are far less of an issue but they are around our area. We recommend getting some permethrine spray for the bugs. Sawyer’s permethrine can be purchased at any walmart or online.

What knife do you guys carry/like?

We have several different models of knives within varying price ranges we recommend. Here is a link to the knives SIGMA 3 Instructors carry.

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